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    Choose your favorite image on internet or in your phone and upload it on the product page which you selected.
    We will be designing,printing and shipping your mouse pad as soon as we can.
    Enjoy your custom mouse pad or give it as a unique gift to elevate your personal or company brand.


  • Ultra silky fabric surface and sublimation or HD imprint
  • Natural rubber is harmless to your health and surroundings
  • High quality stitching to avoid fraying like other mousepads


variety of sizes can be choose

What People Are Saying About Us
  • If sending a high quality image, the print is genuinely amazing. I'm amazed. I will purchase more in the future. Totally worth it!
    keviv941 / Facebook
  • I like the mouse pad absolutely. it is perfect for my desk and the quality is very good.
    Steve K. / Twitter
  • Mat received. delivery fast-packed well. The quality of the rug is super. The print on request is made on the mat qualitatively! Thank you. I would also order yes like the product is no longer available.
    Andrew / Facebook
  • I'm very satisfied with the quality of of the mouse pad. The edges are nicely stitched and the print is flawless. The material is soft and flexible. I highly recommend the seller, very good and correct communication. The shipping was only 9 days to England. 
    Thomas / Facebook
  • Quality at the rendezvous, the bottom remains in place and hangs well on the surface, the bottom is quite soft and pleasant, it attenuated the sound of the keys of the keyboard
    robbins / Facebook
  • Absolutely amazing! It has amazing stitching, high quality printing, extremely affordable pricing and it's large, as it said! It looks better than I expected when I got my hands on it and I'm using it right now to type this! The only miniscule constructive criticism I have is that it's too wide compared to the height. This doesn't bother me at all though. There were many great things to say that they outweighed the one negative I had so i had to give it five stars, this company deserves it.
    Slina2587 / Facebook
  • you guys are amazing!!! the mousepad quality is freakin SUPERB!! o.o I couldn't believe how amazing and very very soft it is. It is way better than my previous one (and I had bought it in XXL size) also Asus with top quality stuff, but u nailed it. this pad feels so smooth in my hands and as I scroll or resting my hands on it, also the image quality is AMAZING!!! you were no kidding!! Thank you very much!! Also I didn't receive any customs fee which is great cause I was a bit nervous about that! 100% will buy again from u guys! Thank you!! Thanks again!!
    phelps / Facebook
  • The pad is simply great. Print quality is very good (you can't see it in the photos, though). There is a rubber underneath, so it is not moving on the desk. Mouse is very responsive on it. Thank you!
    Juan nino / Twitter
  • The mat is excellent! 1!! Came a month before kazakhstan. Just wow, printing is very high quality! Even the threads are painted. Beauty))) i recommend to buy.
    chris / Facebook
  • Arrived very quickly and is very good quality! The seller is very nice and will confirm with you how you want the image to be presented on the mouse pad! 
    Tom peters / Facebook
  • Excellent quality! Looks great on my desk. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking to get a nice sized mouse pad.
    Paul mak / Twitter
  • The product is as in the description. It arrived quicker than expected and I am very pleased. The design is modern and the print is in perfect quality. It also has an anti-slip surface on the other side, so it stays in place where it should. I can definitely recommend this mouse pad!
    Ann romney / Facebook
  • Very fast shipping! Arrived in central USA in only 12 days! The quality of the mouse pad is wonderful, it is soft and smooth and yet firm enough. Mouse works perfectly on it. The picture printed very well. I highly recommend this seller!
    Steven / Facebook
  • The mat itself is just top! The quality of the print bomb, the pictures do not step for the seam of the rug, i'm completely delighted with the rug, it's just what i wanted, thank you very much to the seller, very well fit into my setup, now more, how to make a picture in photoshop, be sure to choose the color profile of your file strictly in cmyk, Only then you will see the real colors that will turn out in your print, it is very important! If you do not change the color profile in photoshop, you can get very dull colors, the seller is very grateful, wrote a lot to him and asked questions, eventually got what he wanted, wish you prosperity, print here boldly, quality topchik!
    Stedman graham / Facebook
  • Everything is just super!!! the rug itself is made a week, after which the delivery took another week! i recommend!
    Tex gunning / Facebook
  • The order came fast, the rinting is amazing quality!!! Recommended seller, its just beutiful, thank you very much!
    Richard M. / Facebook